What we can offer
  • Medical tourism

    Our country is not only Moscow and Saint Petersburg and is not only vodka, and balalaika. Trip to Russia is a unique opportunity to discover Russian history and culture. Russia spans nine time zones and two continents and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Now you have a chance to explore this land, we can to organize for you special individual route.

  • Kalendar of events

    Saint Petersburg has always been open to new traditions, so it is often that the most unusual festivals and celebrations originate here and have a great success. Colourful sea events take place not only in St. Petersburg but also in suburbs. Summer in our city is a time for demonstration of talents. Artist draw in the streets, the musicians can be seen in parks. An incredible sight can be seen on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress: masters from around the world come here to create sand masterpieces. The International festival of Ballet, festival of Street Theatres and there are a lot of other intersting actions.

  • For business

    Russia has one of the world’s largest economies and an important domestic market. The country’s economic potential attracts foreign investors who want to open a business here. Several special economic zones exist in the country and they encourage investments in fields like industrial production, technology, and development, logistics or tourism.